Monday, July 13, 2009

7/11 - 7/12 Explanation

Nothing exciting during the weekend outside of the festival so it gives me a chance to further explain our old school way of doing things here at Fox's.

We usually only have one delivery person per shift. It sounds crazy but I average about 20 per shift. And I can take a lot in little time since it's a small town. That's why you see me complaining about anything under 20 deliveries... Let's face it, I'm spoiled rotten. Sometimes this can backfire though, I've once taken 13 deliveries in one run.

The key to being a one man pizza army is very simple. Location, location location. Seriously, knowing every address in town is essential to survive. I need to look at my slips and figure out which house is closest and go from there. I think it's why I love to deliver so much. It's an adventure every time I come in. Like I said though we are old school. No managers, no computers, no gps, just a few guys who know there shit and understand what needs to be done and how to do it right.

Going back to mass deliveries, vehicle choice is essential around here. First off it gets snowy as fuck in the winter so 4-wheel drive is essential. And you need something you can fit a lot of stuff in. I've found 3 vehicles that suit that purpose and I call my perfect delivery vehicles:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: Transmission problems will hurt your wallet but you can't deny it's 4-wheel abilities or it's space. My boss has one.

  • Ford Escape: A former co-worker has one, and if it can deliver mail on rural route it can deliver pie.

  • Chevy Blazer: Of course I include my ride! It kicks ass! It's nickled and dimed me, but never broke down and I've got 110,000 miles on it.

Thats all I got to rant about for now, maybe i'll think up some more stuff for later.

Totals: Saturday - 0! I was a cook!
Sunday: 31 off 11 deliveries

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