Monday, July 20, 2009

7/17/09 Stupid People

I started off my shift by busting out my new shirt I ordered, whoo:

Pretty sweet, even though I've never seen a Fox's outside of PA.

So I got started and I was chugging along, other delivery guy came in cause it was Friday and thats the only time we need 2 people delivering. We're doing alright when it came out of nowhere. We got hit with our first Friday rush in a long time. A Friday rush is when we should have more people working but somehow we make it out alive. At this point we're both taking around 5 deliveries per run. So in between one of my runs a lady sticks her head in the door and asks if she can eat her, I say yes and she brings her family in... Boy I was in for trouble.

We are not an eat in restaurant, we are take-out and delivery only. Apparently this girl didn't get that and is about as dense as space. She places her order and then asks me for a straw for her kid who looked about 4, I said we don't have any. So she says, well what about a cup? I say again, we don't have any. At this point she flips out saying things like "how can you not have straws and cups this is a restaurant!". Why in the hell would we have straws and cups if all we have is pop in a bottle? So finally she gives up and goes back to the table. I grab a bunch of deliveries and try to get out but her little hell spawn is running wild out front and I can't get around him.

I'm not a parent but I think at this point you should grab your kid, instead she just keeps asking politely for him to come back to the table, not even yelling! Finally I get pissed and just start walking and he moves out of my way without incident. Which is good cause I had all intentions of plowing over the little fucker. So it finally calmed down a little bit and we got close to my help leaving when we got a call from Wilcox (a town 5 miles away).

PCC is a plant there and they've ordered from time to time, usually it's with a big tip. So I took the delivery and got up there. The total was 18.99 the owner of the plant greeted me, handed me a 20 and said have a good one. I turned left and on my way out said I won't be back. What they fail to realize is them getting food is a privelege and for that tip I actually lost money because of the wasted time and gas. It's not worth it. The night went good after that till 9:10... That was our last phone call. We're open till 10:30, a lot of time was killed.

Totals: $100 on 29 deliveries

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