Monday, July 20, 2009

7/14/09 Inspection!

Last year I got my Serv-Safe certification. I spent the majority of the class wondering how I was ever going to need the internal cooking temperature of a pot roast. I guess it's nice to know cause it keeps me from killing everyone at home. But at a pizza shop it's pretty useless. Where it is effective is it gives you the knowledge you need to pass a health inspection. Now at the time I thought it was all common sense, but after Tuesday I guess my common sense is a little less common than most.

Our health inspection went fine, after me, my boss, and the other employees tore up the place fixing any violations we had. It's nothing major just nit picky shit the inspector busts us on to keep his job. EDITED CENSORED DELETED Of course all this made us look like champs when he walked in and seen our place. The write up was this: "Thermometer in Pepsi cooler needs replaced. Store was very clean."

Totals: I can't remember! Sorry!

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